Other Services

UV3 technology that combines the ease of nail polish with the permanence of gels. True innovation. And the results.....14 days of glorious high gloss shine that protects the nails and is truly addictive!

All Shellac treatments include shaping and cuticle work.

Shellac fast fix for hands or feet £32.00
Removal and nourishing treatment £17

Shellac plus full pedicure £42.00

IBX nail strengthening treatment

IBX is treatment for natural and polished nails that prevents splitting and dehydration. it can be worn alone or under Shellac to protect the nails drying out during removal. For damaged nails, a treatment is recommended every 2 weeks to begin with to build up resilience.

IBX manicure £25

IBX added to Shellac polish £10

brow tint
Eliminates the need for a brow pencil. £12

eye brow shape
Using wax, and or tweezers to expertly shape the brows and define the eyes. £13

eye lash dye Enhance your natural lashes with a gentle dye that lasts 4 weeks. Choose from brown, black, grey, blue/black. Perfect for active sports and holidays. Patch test required before first treatment £18

lash and brow tint £30 (half price with a facial)