New LED Light Therapy

Now you can achieve even better results with LED light therapy added onto any skin care treatment. The benefits of LED were discovered by the scientist at NASA when they discovered that LED encouraged plant growth in space. In the same way, LED can stimulate fibroblast cells that produce collagen and plumps up the skin. It is also extremely antibacterial and helps kill the P. Acne bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

During March and April, book any skin care treatment together with a pedicure and get a complimentary LED light therapy treatment worth £20

Flash Glow Skin Solver

Want instantly glowing skin in 10 minutes? Are you desperate for a skin treatment but only have times for a pedicure? Or are you new to professional skin care and want to find out more?

Well now with the Flash Glow Skin Solver you can experience a professional skin treatment in just 10 minutes that delivers great results for just £10. Ideal if you are short on time, it can easily be added onto your regular maintaence treatments such as waxing, last tinting etc. The Flash Glow uses professional strength products in a layered exfoliation treatment and is perfect just before a special night out. Add The Flash Glow to your next treatment.

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Bio Surface Peel-advanced treatments for even better results

Autumn/Winter is the ideal time to book a course of intensive peel treatments as you don't have to worry about avoiding the sun.

Peels are in high demand due to the visible improvements seen on the skin, so it's no surprise they are the fastest growing skin treatment service. The downside? A crowded and confused marketplace with a lack of professional training and unsafe practices.

Bio Surface Peel is an Expert Strength line that provides a biologically advanced peeling system for professional use. By synergistically layering critical active ingredients, Bio Surface Peel will safely and effectively resurface any skin type or condition, even sensitive skin.


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